Florida Panther Trivia – How A lot Do You Know?

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November 28, 2018
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The Florida Panther isn’t just the mascot of knowledgeable sports activities staff, it's additionally an imposing and delightful animal (however don’t let one overhear you say it, it'll go straight to his head). Within the wild and in captivity, Florida Panthers can typically be noticed by natives and vacationers journeying by this Southern state. Chances are you’ll be fortunate sufficient to see one, waving foolishly till you discover the cat won’t wave again, when it hits you: how a lot do you actually find out about these panthers? Take our quiz to search out out.

1. What are one of many issues that make the Florida Panther stand out?

a. It’s the largest feline on this planet

b. It’s the solely feline native to the US

c. It’s critically endangered

d. It had a task within the Pink Panther motion pictures

2. Roughly how a lot does the typical male Florida Panther weigh?

a. 150 kilos

b. 100 kilos

c. 210 kilos

d. He prefers to not reply this query

Three. To what genus does the Florida Panther belong?

a. Felidae

b. Carnivora

c. Puma

d. Homo Sapiens

four. What’s the best risk to the survival of the Florida Panthers?

a. Prey

b. Inbreeding

c. Lack of habitat

d. Overused litter packing containers

5. In 1982, the panther turned the state animal of Florida. Who was behind this vote?

a. Florida faculty youngsters

b. The Mayor of Miami

c. The governor of Florida

d. The panthers wrote themselves on the poll

6. What do Florida Panthers typically eat?

a. Simply meat

b. Simply vegetation

c. An equal stability of each plant and meat

d. They order pizza

7. Roughly what number of grownup panthers are there in Florida?

a. Between 50 and 70

b. Between 100 and 200

c. Between 200 and 400

d. Only one. His title is Bob.

Eight. What number of kittens are within the common Florida Panther litter?

a. 4

b. Two

c. Six

d. Panthers don’t have kittens, they solely lay eggs.

9. How do Florida Panthers hunt?

a. In packs

b. In pairs

c. Alone

d. With weapons

10. What’s the scientific title of the Florida panther?

a. Panthera leo

b. Puma concolor coryi

c. Panthera tigris

d. Kitty Cat

Solutions: 1. c. It’s critically agreed; 2. a. 150 kilos; Three. c. Puma; four. c. Lack of habitat; 5. a. Florida faculty youngsters; 6. a. Simply meat; 7. a. Between 50 and 70; Eight. b. Two; 9. c. Alone; 10. b. Puma concolor coryi.

See how you probably did:

9-10 Right: Excellent. You’re the cat's meow.

6-Eight Right: Not unhealthy, you earned 9 lives.

Three-5 Right: Hmm … about common. No meow combine for you.

Lower than Three: Ouch. Possibly you're simply extra of a canine individual?

Written by Jennifer Jordan @ http://ezinearticles.com/?Florida-Panther-Trivia—How-A lot-Do-You-Know?&id=649636

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