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January 25, 2018
pizza deals in karachi
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September 28, 2018
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Cheesy Deal 1


2 Large Pizza

Cheesy Deal 1


Cheesy Deal 1

Itzza Pitzza – Best Pizza in Karachi – Best Pizza in Clifton – Best Pizza Deals in Karachi – Cheapest Pizza in Karachi

Cheesy Deal 1: We at Itzza Pitzza bring the best mouthwatering meals which are a treat for your pallets and economical. Our Pizza is made from topnotch ingredients and we never compromise on our quantity or quality. Our servings are healthy and great in taste. So if you are looking for the cheapest Pizzas in Karachi we are what you are looking for. Our repeated customers, growing sales, and excellent customer service can gratify that we are serving the best pizza in Clifton, the best pizza in Karachi and the best Pizza Deals in Karachi

So what do you look for in the right pizza, let’s narrow it down. The right amount of Mozzarella Cheese, which looks divine and tastes exceptionally good; the perfect bread, with soft yet crisp dough and a good handful of filling. You should be rest assured that we go through all these checkboxes and all the materials used are fresh

Cheesy Deal 1 – Itzza Pitzza – Best Pizza in Karachi – Best Pizza in Clifton – Best Pizza Deals in Karachi – Cheapest Pizza in Karachi

Deal 1: Itzza Pitzza brings forwards a heavenly Menu full of Cheesy Goodness. We take pride in always maintaining the highest standards when it comes to quality and our prices are pocket-friendly. Order today at Itzza Pitzza and enjoy the best Pizza in Karachi and the Best Pizza in Clifton (Cheapest Pizzas in Karachi). Do give your suggestions on how you would like to modify your Pizza and we can tailor it for you.

We recommend you to try our bundled deals such as Deal 1 and our prices and offerings will also bring you to consider out deals to be the best pizza deals In Karachi. If you are in the mood for an individual meal, well again you won’t be in dismay; we are here to cater to your appetite. Our Pizzas are cheap, great in taste and perfect to fill your appetite. So head over to our shop or give us a message or call and say Cheese!

Deal Information: Cheesy Deal 1

Category: Deals

The Deal includes:

  • Two Large Pizza

Terms and Conditions:

Each order needs to be minimum 500 Rupees

Itzza Pitzza




Best Pizza in Karachi

Best Pizza in Clifton

Cheapest Pizzas in Karachi

Best deals in Karachi

Itzza Pitzza


Cheesy Deal 1

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