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Deal 8
January 21, 2019
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Family Deal 2
January 21, 2019
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Family Deal 1


3 Large Pizza + 4 Pcs. Wings + 8 Pcs. Cheesy Garlic Bread + 2 1.5 Ltr Drink


Family Deal 1

Itzza Pitzza brings a great bundled offer for our valuable customers. In this deal, you receive three Large pizzas, Six pieces Chicken Wings, Eight pieces Cheesy Garlic Bread, and two 1.5 Ltr Drink. You can further check out our new deals. After looking at the quality, taste, and cost we offer; you would agree that our Pizza in one of the pizza in Karachi and also the cheapest Pizza in Karachi.

Family Deal 1 includes:

3 scrumptious Large pizza. You can choose from the variety of flavors we have to offer

6 pieces Chicken Wings

8 pieces Cheesy Garlic Bread

2 1.5 Ltr drink which you can choose from the drop-down menu.

Save a handsome 1550 PKR

Three Large Pizzas costs 3000 PKR, six pieces Chicken Wings costs 250 PKR, eight pieces Cheesy Garlic Bread costs 400 PKR and two 1.5 Ltr Drink costs 200 PKR. Which gives you a total of 3850 PKR.

Terms and Conditions:

All orders should be minimum 500 PKR

About Itzza Pitzza

Itzza Pitzza serving The Best pizza in Karachi

Family Deal 1: We at Itzza Pitzza bring the best mouthwatering meals which are a treat for your pallets and economical. Our Pizza is made from topnotch ingredients and we never compromise on our quantity or quality. Our servings are healthy and great in taste. So if you are looking for the cheapest Pizzas in Karachi we are what you are looking for. Our repeated customers, growing sales, and excellent customer service can gratify that we are serving the best pizza in Clifton, the best pizza in Karachi and the best Pizza Deals in Karachi. (Pizza near me)

Why we feel we serve the best pizza in Karachi

So what do you look for in the right pizza, let’s narrow it down. The right amount of Mozzarella Cheese, which looks divine and tastes exceptionally good; the perfect bread, with soft yet crisp dough and a good handful of filling. You should rest assured that we go through all these checkboxes and all the materials used are fresh

Quality Control to server the Best Pizza in Karachi and best Pizza Deals in Karachi

Family Deal 1: Itzza Pitzza brings forwards a heavenly Menu full of Cheesy Goodness. We take pride in always maintaining the highest standards when it comes to quality and our prices are pocket-friendly. Order today at Itzza Pitzza and enjoy the best Pizza in Karachi and the Best Pizza in Clifton (Cheapest Pizzas in Karachi). Do give your suggestions on how you would like to modify your Pizza and we can tailor it for you. (Pizza near me)

Save a handsome amount with our pizza deals in Karachi

We recommend you to try our bundled deals such as Family Deal 1 and our prices and offerings will also bring you to consider out deals to be the best pizza deals In Karachi. If you are in the mood for an individual meal, well again you won’t be in dismay; we are here to cater to your appetite. Our Pizzas are cheap, great in taste and perfect to fill your appetite. So head over to our shop or give us a message or call and say Cheese!

A Bit More about Itzza Pitzza (The best pizza in Karachi)

Best pizza in Karachi: When it comes to real sustenance in Pakistan, Karachi is the place to be. This delightful city offers an assortment of cooking styles, with decisions in both local and worldwide nourishment. Regardless of the genre of food you require, Karachi has something for you at every corner. You may have caught wind of the famous idiom, “Biryani to Karachi ki achi hai, baki sub pulaoo hai”. The spotlight for us here is on fast food, a nourishment source which is filling, tasty and flavorful. Aside from the numerous globally prominent food diners in Karachi, there are numerous neighborhood sellers who are serving nutrition which is incredible in taste and presented with flawlessness. How about we further restricted this down to one of most well-known all around acknowledged dinner, a Pizza. A fast food which is wonderful for your taste buds. On the off chance that you look online state for the “best pizza in Karachi”, you would be astounded at what number of spots are there, Itzza Pitzza would likewise be there in the rundown for the best pizza in Karachi. Gives further a chance to investigate what individuals search for in the correct pizza and what to search for which is great in quality, filling and practical. (Pizza near me)

Affordable and cheap pizza in Karachi

On the off chance that you consider the nourishment providers (food outlets) there are numerous choices in our stunning city, every one of the diners takes into account all classes and income groups. In the event that a sustenance outlet clicks and winds up prevalent, anything is possible, i.e. if things are done in a capable way. Numerous restaurants endeavor to take into account the majority by keeping reasonableness in prices as a KPI. The main contrast is that, does offering moderate prices diminishes the quality of the offering or not? In Karachi, practically all restaurants give the alternatives for eating at their premises, takeaway, and delivery at the doorstep. The food market has become saturated and it is of paramount importance to find an eatery which serves good food at a decent cost without diminishing their quality. Itzza Pitzza is a new and upcoming Pizza parlor at Boat Basin, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. We serve over hot pizzas’ right at your doorsteps and also have options for dine-in and takeaway. (Pizza near me)

Requirements for best pizza deals in Karachi

At the point when individuals search for Pizza bargains in Karachi, the point is to purchase more for less. On the off chance that a pizza costs 200 PKR, two of those pizzas would cost 400 and three for 600 right? If an individual is searching for a packaged arrangement, the alluring point is pay under 400 or 600. So an arrangement would be something like 2 Pizzas’ for 350, so the individual spares 50 PKR. Our go for Itzza Pitzza is to give our clients alternatives which are economical and efficient. We assure our customers that a lower price does not mean us cutting out on quality or using cheaper ingredients; we never compensate on our high standards. This is the reason we have anchored a decent steadfast redundant customer base since commencing. We offer arrangements for people. (pizza near me)

Itzza Pitzza serves Pizza Near Me

Pizza near me: With so many pizzerias across Karachi. We standout because of our amazing prices and extensive quality control measures. We believe in convenience for out customers so wherever you are, the phrase Pizza near me would guide you towards Itzza Pitzza. We arrange free deliveries in Clifton and Defence; and for a nominal fee we cover other areas. We have many partnerships with third-parties such as Food Panda and Vouch 365 to cover all areas. So rest assured when you want to have pizza near me or pizza nearby, Itzzza Pitzza would come at your door Step. So Give us a ring or place your orders online. Say Cheese!


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